Frequently Asked Questions


What is Vichy?

Vichy-originated in Vichy, France. It's a  unique form of hydrotherapy used to improve body health and wellness. Over the years, this treatment was noticed and used more by Europeans and Middle-Easterns for it's benefits. Our Vichy shower has five shower heads that cascade over your body. The treatment begins with a head-to-toe, front and back body scrub. After the body scrub, the shower is used to rinse off the soap. Each Vichy Treatment is finished with a massage. 

What are the Benefits/Why should I Try Vichy?

The Vichy Shower improves your health and overall wellness the moment our therapist starts the body scrub portion of your treatment, removing dead skin. This treatment is a form of detoxing; removing all the recent products, oils, or toxins absorbed into your skin. This will also help fight infection. As the jets massage, they stimulate the flow of blood and bodily fluid transportation to the lymph nodes and back to the heart. This process will aide in menstrual cramps, arthritis, sore muscles, migraine headaches, depression, loss of appetite, stress, and so much more.

Will it Hurt?

Absolutely not! At EVERYTHING here is adjustable from water pressure to temperature to lights - we mean everything! Our goal here is to do nothing but help you and your health, not to hurt you.

What Should I Expect?

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our wonderful receptionists and fill out a new customer form. The receptionist will then guide you to the locker room for you to undress and change into a provided robe. You will go to the shower room, rinse off, and one of our specialized therapists will greet you once finished and bring you to a Vichy room. The therapist will begin with the body scrub for 30-45 minutes, then turn the Vichy Shower on to rinse off the dead skin and product removed from your body. You will be dried off, and the therapist will begin your massage for the remaining time.